Application Deadlines
Fall:February 15
Winter:September 10
Spring:February 15
Contact Information: 
265 CTB
Program Requirements: 

The Technology (MS) degree with a specialization in Technology and Engineering Education is expected to be completed within three years.

The Technology and Engineering Education specialization helps students who have graduated in technology and/or engineering teacher education or related areas to be more effective leaders.  The opportunity will be theirs to achieve knowledge and skills for leadership in teaching, supervising, and managing in schools or industry.  Through a research-oriented thesis, students will develop writing and research abilities related to technology and engineering education.

Requirements for Degree.

  • Credit hours: 24 minimum approved course hours plus 6 thesis hours (Tech 699R).
  • Required courses: Tech 638, 699R.
  • Specialization: minimum 21 hours from approved courses in the area of study. An approved study list is required.
  • Recommended courses:  Stat 511, TEE 610, 625, 675
  • Examination: Oral defense of thesis.
Admission Requirements: 

Required Tests

We recommend applying for admittance during Fall or Winter semesters, due to limited course offerings during Spring term.  If you would like to be admitted during a Spring term, please speak with the program coordinator before applying.

No applicants are accepted for Summer term.

  • GRE, (GMAT may be substituted but waivers will not be granted)
  • English Proficiency (Please see "English Proficiency Tests" for further information)

Additional Requirements

  1. Minimum 3.0 cumulative undergraduate GPA
  2. Baccalaureate degree in technology and engineering education or related field
  3. Basic sciences background, along with engineering mathematics, computers or electronics or electronics, management, architecture, and manufacturing methods
  4. Statement of intent
  5. Resume
  6. Three letters of recommendation
Program Outcomes: 

Creative and Analytical Thinking

Demonstrate creative and analytical thinking skills that provide a basis for technological problem solving within their area of emphasis.

Leadership, Teamwork, Management and Professionalism

Demonstrate an understanding of the elements of leadership, teamwork, management, and professionalism.

Effective Communication

Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.

Impact of Technology

Demonstrate an understanding of the impact of technology on society.

Ethical and Moral Standards

Demonstrate a pattern of living consistent with high ethical and moral standards.


Demonstrate ability to perform rigorous, original research

Program Stats

Characteristics of Students from Past Academic Year
Total Students 44
International 1
Female 5
LDS 44
Non-White 9
BYU Undergraduate 39
Three Year Average Test Scores of Admitted Student
GRE Composite Score 311.9
GRE Quantitative Score 156.4
GRE Quantitative Percentile 64.4
GRE Verbal Score 155.5
GRE Verbal Percentile 67.5
GRE Analytical Score 4.0
GRE Analytical Percentile 56.1
Five Year Average of Graduated Students
Average Years to Degree 2.6
Graduated Per Year 12.8
Five Year Average of Admitted Students
Applied Per Year 27.0
Admitted Per Year 18.6
Percent Admitted 68.89
Average GPA 3.40