Public Administration - Executive Program
Application Deadlines
Fall:May 1
Contact Information: 
760 TNRB
Program Requirements: 

Persons with significant public management experience who desire to pursue the master’s degree program while continuing to work full-time are encouraged to apply. All courses in the program are offered in the evening, one night a week for three years at the BYU Salt Lake Center.

The executive MPA program consists of successful completion of 45 semester hours of approved course work. Classes are scheduled in such a way that students take six hours per semester (three hours per term).  The executive MPA is a general degree and does not offer specialization in functional areas.

Admission Requirements: 
  1. Interest in public management as reflected in a statement of intent
  2. Minimum of 4 years' full-time professional, administrative, or supervisory experience in the public sector, or the equivalent
  3. Presently hold, or assume in the near future, a midlevel or higher administrative responsibility
  4. Resume required
Program Outcomes: 

Public Service Values

BYU EMPA graduates demonstrate an understanding of, passion for, and commitment to public service values, including reverence for the dignity and worth of all people and dedication to ethical governance.

Quantitative Analysis

BYU EMPA graduates are skilled at evaluating programs and policies. They know how to gather data, correctly analyze it, and employ the analysis to recommend policy and programmatic action in public service organizations.


BYU EMPA graduates effectively convey verbal and written information with the polish and professionalism appropriate for the public service context. They listen to and promote understanding among people with diverse viewpoints.

Teamwork & Collaboration

BYU EMPA graduates know how to leverage the power of a team. They conduct effective, agenda-based team meetings, and promote mutual accountability with teammates and collaborative partners.

Program Stats

Characteristics of Students from Past Academic Year
Total Students 134
International 4
Female 51
LDS 134
Minority 19
BYU Undergraduate 72
Three Year Average Test Scores of Admitted Student
GMAT Composite Score 426.7
GMAT Quantitative Score 25.3
GMAT Quantitative Percentile 17.5
GMAT Verbal Score 23.5
GMAT Verbal Percentile 36.5
GMAT Analytical Score 1.5
GMAT Analytical Percentile 13.3
GMAT Integrated Score 2.8
GMAT Integrated Percentile 24.2
LSAT Composite Score 161.0
GRE Composite Score 301.7
GRE Quantitative Score 147.3
GRE Quantitative Percentile 32.4
GRE Verbal Score 154.4
GRE Verbal Percentile 61.6
GRE Analytical Score 4.1
GRE Analytical Percentile 57.0
Five Year Average of Graduated Students
Average Years to Degree 2.8
Graduated Per Year 45.0
Five Year Average of Admitted Students
Applied Per Year 66.0
Admitted Per Year 50.8
Percent Admitted 76.97
Average GPA 3.34