Psychology - MS
Application Deadlines
Fall:December 1
Contact Information: 
1097 KMBL
Program Requirements: 

Psychology - MS

ONLY admitted Clinical Psychology doctoral candidates are permitted to participate in the Psychology MS program.  There is no direct entry option to Psychology MS program.

Please see the Clinical Psychology PhD description for full accreditation details.

Psychology - (MS) program requirements:

Students must demonstrate competence in various areas to receive the Psychology MS and continue to the Clinical Psychology PhD program.  The master's curriculum corresponds to the first two years of training following receipt of the bachelor's degree and consists of required courses in the foundations of psychological evaluation and measurement, data analysis and research methods, professional ethics, and clinical theory and practice.  Students have three years to complete their master's degree requirements after admission to the Clinical Psychology PhD program and are not allowed to enroll in doctoral level courses during their fourth year if these requirements have not been met.  

Specific requirements of the MS Degree are detailed below:

  • Credit hours (33 hour minimum; B grade or better in each class)
  • Research data and analysis requirement:  9 hours of statistics and research methodology (Psych 501, 502, and 504)
  • Clinical theory requirement:  3 hours of ethics and professional issues (Psych 609); 3 hours of psychopathology (Psych 611); 6 hours of assessment (Psych 622 and 623); and 6 hours of psychotherapy (Psych 651 and Psych 652).
  • Master's thesis:  Students will complete a master's thesis that includes no fewer than 6 thesis credit hours (Psych 699R).  As noted above, students have three years to complete their degree requirements, including the thesis, and are not allowed to enroll in doctoral level courses during their fourth year if these requirements have not been met.
Admission Requirements: 

Required Tests

GRE General Test is Required for Fall 2021 Admission
GRE Psychology Subject Test is Not Required

Additional Requirements

  1. Applicants must first be admitted to the Clinical Psychology PhD program in order to participate in the Psychology MS program.  
  2. Resume is required inside the application
  3. Please indicate in the application a faculty mentor whose research program is most closely aligned with your career goals.  You will have the ability to specify up to three potential faculty mentors in the application.
Program Outcomes: 

Psychology Fundamentals

Be able to demonstrate more extensive knowledge and deeper understanding of the major core content areas of psychology at a depth that clearly exceeds the undergraduate level.

Technical Specialization

Be able to demonstrate technical sophistication related to their self-selected area of scholarly specialty by using laboratory apparatus, software applications, survey instruments, etc.

Effective Research Design and Reporting

Be able to design, produce, analyze, and report original research that contributes to their self-selected area of scholarly specialty.

Professional Practice and the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Be able to weigh evidence, tolerate ambiguity, act ethically, and reflect other values that are the underpinnings of psychology as an academic and professional discipline. In particular, they should be able to critically reflect on these values in light of their knowledge of and commitment to the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and to sustain personal values that are true to the gospel while maintaining their scholarly study of psychology.

Program Stats

Characteristics of Students from Past Academic Year
Total Students 8
International 2
Female 5
Non-White 1
BYU Undergraduate 4
Five Year Average of Graduated Students
Average Years to Degree 3.0
Graduated Per Year 7.2
Five Year Average of Admitted Students
Percent Admitted 0.00