Manufacturing Engineering
Application Deadlines
Fall:February 15
Winter:September 10
Spring:February 15
Contact Information: 
265 CTB
Program Requirements: 
  • Credit hours: a minimum of 30 hours, six of which are thesis hours.  The remaining 24 hours are coursework, half of which must be offered by Manufacturing Engineering.
  • Of the 24 hours of coursework required, 21 credit hours must be at 500+ level, with 3 credits at the 400+ level upon approval by graduate committee.
  • Students from programs other than manufacturing engineering or from a non-ABET accredited program may be admitted provisionally, but may be required to take additional undergraduate courses during the first year.  Applicants will work with their potential graduate committee chair (advisor) to determine exactly which courses will be required.  These courses are prerequisites and will NOT count toward the MS degree.
  • Program of study: each student must submit a study list of approved courses during the first semester.
  • Prospectus: each student must submit a written prospectus during the second semester.
  • Biannual Evaluations: each student’s progress will be evaluated twice a year, in January and May. Satisfactory progress must be maintained in order to remain in the program.
  • Residency: work toward the MS must be completed under the direction of a graduate faculty advisor while the student is in residence at BYU for at least two consecutive semesters of 6 or more hours of registration. “In residence” is defined as living and conducting research in the general vicinity of the university, where the student has ready access to research facilities and consultation with the faculty.
  • Graduate Seminar: all MS students are required to attend 8 graduate seminars each semester, for two semesters. The seminars include presentations by industry experts, faculty members, graduate students and invited guests.
  • Thesis: a written thesis describing original research must be completed and approved.  A maximum of six thesis credits (MFGEN 699R) may count toward the MS.  All work toward the thesis must be open for public review and publication.  Exceptions must have written approval from the department and college in advance of any work performed.
  • Defense: MS students are required to pass an oral examination of their thesis research.
  • Time limit: There is a one-year minimum and a five-year maximum to complete the MS degree.
  • GPA: MS students must have a cumulative 3.0 GPA or above in all courses counted toward the master’s degree.
Admission Requirements: 

       Required Tests:

  1. GRE
  2. TOEFL or IELTS are required for applicants whose native language is not English

      Additional Requirements:

  1. BS in Manufacturing Engineering or related program (Engineering, Technology, Physical or Mathematical Science)
  2. Resume
  3. Statement of Intent
  4. 3 letters of recommendation
Program Outcomes: 
  • Creative and Analytical Thinking
    • Demonstrate creative and analytical thinking skills that provide a basis for problem solving within their area of emphasis.
  • Leadership, Teamwork, Management and Professionalism
    • Demonstrate an understanding of the elements of leadership, teamwork, management, and professionalism.
  • Ethical and Moral Standards
    • Demonstrate a pattern of living consistent with high ethical and moral standards.
  • Safety Skills
    • Exhibit safety skills relevant to the discipline
  • Productive Interaction
    • Interact productively with people from diverse backgrounds as both leaders/mentors and team members and with integrity and professionalism
  • Communication Skills
    • Exhibit communication skills verbally and in writing
  • Understanding Sub-disciplines
    • Understand sub-discipline at levels clearly exceeding undergraduate expectations.
  • Conducting Research
    • Conduct research under advisor supervision while making personal contributions.
  • Publishing
    • Publish contributions to their area of study