Electrical and Computer Engineering
Application Deadlines
Fall:January 15
Winter:August 15
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Program Requirements: 

The PhD program in electrical and computer engineering at Brigham Young University emphasizes high-impact research, publication of scholarly work, and participation in projects funded by the National Science Foundation, Department of Defense, and a variety of other federal agencies, foundations, and companies. PhD students collaborate with a faculty advisor on a topic that may have a lasting influence on theoretical understanding or on professional practice. Coursework is required on advanced topics in electrical and computer engineering. Students may also take courses in related fields, including physics, mathematics, or computer science.

The PhD is primarily a research experience that requires an ability to identify, investigate, formulate, and solve new problems of interest. The results of the work are reported in a dissertation and in the peer-reviewed research literature. PhD graduates are able to act with considerable independence and assume major responsibilities and are prepared for a wide range of career choices in industry, government agencies, and academia.

Requirements for Degree.

Credit hours (56)

  • Required courses: 36 credit hours of graduate course work as specified by the advisory committee; 2 hours of Professional Writing EC En 692, 18 hours of dissertation EC En 799R.
  • Study list: submitted during the first semester of graduate study.
  • Competency exam: completed in the second semester if entering with an MS degree, or in the third semester if entering with a BS degree
  • Qualifying exam: completed by end of third year.
  • Advancement to candidacy.
  • Dissertation.
  • Final oral examination consisting of public presentation of original research described in dissertation.
Admission Requirements: 

Required Test


Additional Requirements

  1. BS in electrical or computer engineering or similar discipline
  2. Applicants with an international undergraduate degree should upload unofficial transcripts, diplomas, and mark sheets in the Department Documents section for initial review. The application must be submitted for the department to review transcripts. Do this before requesting an evaluation from an agency. Upon recommendation for admission, the evaluation fee will be paid for by the department.
Program Outcomes: 

Oral and Written Communication

Communicate difficult technical concepts both orally and in writing.

Mastery of Fundamental Concepts

Mastery of fundamental concepts in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Conduct Independent Research

Conduct independent research.

Dissemination of Research Results

Disseminate research results through peer-review and publication.

Teaching and Mentoring

Teach or mentor other students in classroom or directed research activities.