Computer Science
Application Deadlines
Fall:December 15
Winter:July 15
Contact Information: 
2248 TMCB
Program Requirements: 

Mission Statement. Ph.D. students in the Computer Science Department are prepared to be technical problem solvers, are competent in the state of the art, and have mastered a particular aspect of Computer Science.  They are trained to identify and clearly formulate problems, to develop and analyze algorithmic solutions, and to direct research.  All Ph.D. students are active in one of the Department's research labs, working closely with a faculty advisor.  Ph.D. graduates make a novel contribution to Computer Science in the form of a dissertation and scholarly publications.  They are an asset to their employers, as they demonstrate increased insight into formulating and solving problems.  Furthermore, they have the skills to see the discipline clearly and to lead out on their own.  Graduates are prepared with a solid background in both theoretical foundations and practical training for the lifelong learning necessary in this fast-moving field.

Requirements for Degree.

  • Credit hours (66): minimum 48 course work hours plus 18 hours of dissertation research (CS 799R).  Course work must include C S 611 and C S 674 may also include up to 30 hours of credit transferred from a completed MS degree.
  • Qualifying process: (A) pass courses demonstrating broad proficiency in computer science and (B) produce and present a satisfactory research paper.
  • Dissertation proposal: demonstrate preparedness to do dissertation research by (A) presenting an overview of the dissertation research area, and (B) proposing a research program within the context of this area.
  • Dissertation
  • Dissertation defense: make an oral presentation that defends the dissertation research.
  • Residency: PhD students are expected to be resident for the full duration of their PhD program. Exceptions may be granted if the advisor and graduate committee approve (in advance) a leave of absence.
  • Teaching: all students must teach at least one course.
  • While in the PhD program, students are expected to make steady and satisfactory progress toward their degree. Progress reviews take place twice each year. Students who fail to make appropriate progress will be dropped from the program.
Admission Requirements: 

Required test


Additional Requirements

BS in Computer Science or related field is required.

Applicants with Foreign Credentials

Applicants with foreign credentials must complete a foreign credential evaluation BEFORE the application deadline in order for their application to be considered complete.  We recommend using IERF and that you request to have the official evaluation report sent electronically to BYU Graduate Studies. Please plan accordingly as this process may take 6 weeks or longer to complete.

Program Outcomes: 

Appropriate Knowledge

Students will be able to teach computer science concepts at the university level.

Mastery of Topic

Students will be able to perform cutting edge research in their specialty.

Effective Reading Skills

Students can apply what they have learned in the current literature, assimilate and synthesize the current state-of-the-art, and understand the boundaries of knowledge in their chosen field.

Effective Analysis

Students will think deeply and originally about open problems in the field, suggest solutions and pursue those solutions to their logical conclusions while developing further understanding of the underlying problems.

Fruitful Teaching Experience

Students have professional and fruitful experience teaching in the Computer Science discipline.

Effective Technical Communication Skills

Students have experience teaching their specialization to peers.

Research Skills

Students plan and conduct new research in the field.

Effective Publications

Students add to the dialogue of the field by producing multiple publications directly related to their dissertation research.