Computer Science
Application Deadlines
Fall:December 15
Contact Information: 
2248 TMCB
Program Requirements: 

Mission Statement. Students in the Master of Science program in the Computer Science Department are prepared to be technical problem solvers, are competent in the state of the art, and have mastered a particular aspect of Computer Science.  All students are active in at least one of the Department's research labs and work closely with a faculty advisor in the completion of their M.S. thesis.  Consequently, they are able to engage in further research where computers will have a significant impact.  M.S. graduates are an asset to their employers as they demonstrate increased insight into solving problems, and are able to manage and complete significant projects.  Graduates are prepared with a solid background in both theoretical foundations and practical training for the lifelong learning necessary in this fast-moving field.

Requirements for Degree.

Thesis Option:

  • Credit hours (30): minimum 24 course work hours plus 6 thesis hours (C S 699R).
  • Students must take at least one course from three of the breadth groups
  • Only one CS 697R may be used
  • No more than three 400-level CS courses
  • Thesis: departmental acceptance of thesis proposal before beginning thesis research.  Six credit hours of CS 699R; propose, present, and defend thesis to MS committee
  • Examinations: oral defense of thesis.
  • While in the MS program, students are expected to make steady and satisfactory progress toward their degree. Progress reviews take place twice each year. Students who fail to make appropriate progress will be dropped from the program.

Project Option:

  • Credit hours (33): minimum 30 course work hours plus 3 project hours (698R)
  • Students must take at least one course from each of the breadth groups
  • Only one CS 697R may be used
  • No more than three 400-level CS courses
  • Project - 3 credit hours of CS 698R; present project and write up (10 pages) to MS Committee
Admission Requirements: 

Required Test


Applicants with Foreign Credentials:

Applicants with foreign credentials must complete a foreign credential evaluation BEFORE the application deadline in order for their application to be considered complete.  We recommend using IERF and that you request to have the official evaluation report sent electronically to BYU Graduate Studies. Please plan accordingly as this process may take 6 weeks or longer to complete.

Program Outcomes: 

Community Research Skills

Students participate in the local research culture and contribute according to common community standards.

Professional Preparation

Students fulfill an approved study list that prepares them for their career.

Mastery of Topic

Students develop independent mastery of an advanced topic.

Effective Reading Skills

Students demonstrate an ability to read and understand the current literature.

Effective Writing and Communication

Students are able to write and communicate ideas well.