Biological Science Education
Application Deadlines
Fall:January 15
Contact Information: 
4102 LSB, Provo, UT 84602-5181
Program Requirements: 

The MS degree in biological science education is designed to prepare students with advanced skills and knowledge for teaching in high schools and colleges. Students opting for this degree pursue original research and present results in formal thesis format. Since all research for this degree is expected to be of publication quality, theses are usually prepared in a form suitable for immediate submission for review by an appropriate scholarly journal. This degree is not an alternative teacher certification program.

Requirements for MS Degree Program in Biological Science Education:

  • Credit hours (30): Minimum 24 course work hours plus 6 thesis hours; 20 hours must be in the 500-level series and above (can include Bio 691R, 699R, etc.).
  • Required courses: Bio 503 (Graduate Orientation, 1.0 credit) or equivalent; Bio 691R (Graduate Seminar, 1.0 credit, 2 semesters).  Additional courses as determined by student's advisory committee and approved by department graduate coordinator.
  • Annual progress reviews by advisory committee and graduate committee.
  • Presentation of research prospectus to advisory committee.
  • Thesis: Standard university thesis or journal publication format.
  • Examinations: (A) Comprehensive oral examination, (B) oral defense of research, and (C) oral defense of thesis.


Admission Requirements: 

Additional Requirements

Baccalaureate degree or equivalent

Application review begins December 31st

Program Outcomes: 

Advanced Biology and Education Fundamentals

Students will interpret, analyze, and solve educational problems within the framework of biology using advanced concepts, grounded in the foundational biological, educational, and cognitive theories. (BYU AIMS 1, 2, 3)

Research Tools and Skills

Students will be able to conduct educational research within the framework of biology education. (BYU AIMS 2, 4)

Teaching Skills

Students will be able to teach in the biological sciences by demonstrating an expert understanding of basic biological concepts, foundational theories, and key relationships from the molecular to ecosystem level as well as an expert understanding of learning theories, cognitive theories, and modern pedagogy. (BYU AIMS 4)