Congratulations to the winners of this year's 3MT! The first, second, and third place champions this year were:

1st Place: Elisse Newey - Education Inquiry, Measurement, & Evaluation - PHD
2nd Place: Shalee Killpack - Microbiology and Molecular Biology - MS
3rd Place: Michael Reynolds - Civil Engineering - MS

Watch each of the winner's presentations above!

Watch the rest of presentations from our 2019 contestants on our Youtube channel!

Add or Change Graduate Curriculum
1. Complete a Course Form when proposing to add a new course or change an existing course. Complete a Course Delete Form when proposing to delete a course. These forms are available online at: curriculum/.
2. Submit the form with any relevant documentation, including required signatures, to the college curriculum representative, who will submit it to the University Curriculum Secretary.

Change Address in AIM
1. Log into AIM.
2. Navigate to ADDRESS.
3. Access a student or applicant record.
4. Click Mailing to change the mailing address, Residential to change the residence address, or Permanent to change the permanent address. A new window will appear with text boxes for address parts.
5. Make the changes in the appropriate fields.
6. Click the Save button.
7. Click the Close Window button.

General Dissertation or Thesis Procedures

1. Inform the student of department format requirements for dissertations or theses. The prospectus requirement may be tracked in AIM (ADV08, Other Reqs).

2. Complete the prospectus.

3. Graduate Advisory Committee approves the prospectus.

General Graduation Procedures

Generate Student Progress Report for a Specific Program in AIM
1. Log into AIM. Navigate to PROGRPT or ADV09.
2. Access a student record. 
3. Click the view Graduate Progress Report link to the left of available program or programs afterwhich a new page will display the requested program progress report.
4. Optional: Click the Print link to print the report.

Create Program of Study