If graduate students need to discontinue from all classes in a semester or term, they must initiate that process at the Discontinuance Office (B-150 ASB). These students will need to meet the minimum six hour registration requirement for the academic year or the two hour registration requirement if they defend or graduate within that same academic year. However, if they discontinue in a semester or term and still meet the above requirements, they should contact Graduate Studies to see if they are eligible to register.

When a student withdraws from a program or the department wishes to terminate the student’s program, the department should submit a Departmental Request to Expire (Terminate) Graduate Status: ADV Form 7 (https://gradstudies.byu.edu/file/adv-form-7).

This notifies Graduate Studies to expire the student’s graduate status.

A student’s graduate status may be terminated for the following reasons:

Each graduate program is responsible for determining a style guide for students to use as they prepare their dissertations or theses. Minimum format requirements for the final dissertation or thesis document, including title page, abstract, etc. as well as university guidelines are provided in ADV Form 11 (https://gradstudies.byu.edu/file/adv-form-11). All dissertations or theses must meet the following minimum university format standards:

Every department is expected to require a culminating experience of its graduate students, regardless of whether the student is in a traditional or applied program. The culminating experience is usually a research-based dissertation or thesis, but it may be a project or report in a master’s program.

Before applying for graduation, a graduate student should have completed all course work on his or her approved Program of Study or be currently registered for the remaining courses. During the final semester and/or the semester of final oral and written examinations, a graduate student must register for at least 2.0 credit hours. In special cases, students may pay an equivalent registration fee through Graduate Studies for 2.0 credit hours. Audit and independent study credits are not acceptable.

The strength of each graduate department resides in its faculty. The graduate faculty consists of individuals responsible for designing and implementing graduate programs. The university policy on graduate faculty status specifies criteria for graduate faculty, including full-time status at the university with professorial rank, a terminal degree, a commitment to mentor graduate students, and sustained, substantial, and consequential research efforts or creative endeavors evidenced by regular publications or creative works in visible and influential peer-reviewed or juried forums.

Graduate Program Managers work under the direction of a graduate coordinator to handle many of the procedures concerning graduate programs. Graduate Program Managers and coordinators actively track progress of prospective applicants and students from the time that an application arrives until admitted students graduate. Graduate Program Managers are responsible for maintaining files on graduate applicants and students and for using or dispersing reports sent to their department by Graduate Studies.

Each department appoints a graduate faculty member to the position of graduate coordinator to oversee the graduate programs of the department. Graduate Coordinators must have graduate faculty status. In the absence of the coordinator, the department chair may act as the coordinator. Graduate coordinators work closely with Graduate Studies to keep abreast of university policies and procedures regarding graduate study.