Computer Science
Computer Science
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2248 TMCB

The Department of Computer Science offers two degrees: an MS in Computer Science and a PhD in Computer Science.

The MS degree is designed to prepare students either to be technically capable of leading development teams in industrial software development or to be ready to continue on for a PhD. The PhD degree prepares students to be researchers and teachers either in industry or academia. Areas of particular emphasis are listed under Resources and Opportunities and under research faculty interests.

The expected duration of the MS program for full-time students who enter without deficiencies is two years. Depending on the number of deficiencies, some students may require additional semesters. Students may not enter the PhD program with deficiencies. For full-time students in the PhD program, the expected duration is three years for those entering the program with an MS in computer science and from four to five years for those entering without an MS in computer science. These expectations assume that students take a full graduate load and begin and complete the steps in their thesis or dissertation research in a timely manner.

Chair:  Kevin Seppi
Associate Chair:  Tony Martinez
Graduate Coordinator:  Michael Jones

Resources & Opportunity: 

The Computer Science Department offers research in the following areas:

Artificial intelligence and machine learning
Computational science and control
Computer networks, systems, and security
Data and text analytics
Graphics, animation, and computer vision
Human-computer interaction and software development

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Financial Assistance: 

The Computer Science Department recognizes that most students require financial assistance to remain in school. The department has funds in the following forms: teaching and research assistantships and tuition awards.