• To use Chrome browser, you have to disable the Chrome PDF viewer and enable the Adobe Reader extension.
  • If you want to keep comments for student files, you can do a print screen for a physical file from the summary screen. Ratings can be added to the data export definition and those can be exported, but it should be done before you enter decisions on GS02.
  • Department graduate program managers already have access. Graduate program managers just need to assign the program to themselves on GS13.
    1. Go to the assignments tab on GS13.

Faculty will only need to go to GS12. The PDF of the application, the transcripts and the BYU record will all be viewable here. They can enter comments and ratings on each applicant. Applicants who are In Process, Late, Admitted or Provisionally Admitted will appear in the list. Admitted applicants stay on the list so faculty can go back to review for mentoring and scholarship assignments at a later date.

You can name the group by anything you choose (specialization, or a faculty member name, etc.) and then assign applicants to a group. You can then assign faculty to groups of students if that is how you do applicant review. Drag the name of the group to the student (you can select multiple students using Shift + Ctrl), then drag to one name and assign all the students to the group. To alphabetize within the group, hold Shift and click the name.

Every faculty member doing reviews needs to be added on the assignment tab.  Department secretaries have the option to assign students individually to different faculty members or assign the entire program which will include all applicants. You do not need to do both. If you assign individual applicants, remember you will have to assign any applicant who gets added to AIM after your initial assignments. To grant viewing access, the department graduate program manager enters a faculty NetID in the lookup box.