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Business Administration

Application Deadline

  • Fall: May 1
  • International Applicant Deadline: Mar 1
  • Contact Information

    W437 TNRB, Provo, UT 84602-3131
    (801) 422-3500
    Admission Requirements
    Required Tests

    GMAT - GMAT waivers may be available for select candidates; GRE; TOEFL or IELTS

    Additional Requirements

    1. All admitted MBA students are required to pass a basic preparation course and proficiency exam in Accounting and Statistics by July 1. The courses are offered online through My Educator
    2. Strong computer skills
    3. At least 2 years of full-time management work experience recommended (avg. 3.0 years)
    4. Commitment to not be employed during the first year of the program
    5. Resume
    6. Employment History
    7. Applicants with degrees that have been awarded outside of the US must complete a foreign credential evaluation with IERF and request to have the official report sent electronically to BYU Graduate Studies (before the applicable program application deadline) in order to be considered eligible for admission.  Please be aware that the IERF process can take up to a month to complete.

    Deadline Notes

    October 1 - Applications accepted for Fall
    November 1 - Application review begins
    December 1 - Round 1 application deadline
    January 15 - Round 2 application deadline: Recommended international application submission date
    March 1 - Round 3 application deadline; Final international application deadline
    May 1 - Final domestic application deadline (based on room in the program)
    Program Requirements
    Requirements for Degree


    First-year: All entering MBA students are required to be enrolled in the management core classes during the first year (two 15-week semesters) of study. The Marriott School MBA program follows a strict lockstep format wherein first-year students enter the program in the fall, then take all their classes together during the first year. Because of the intensity of the courses and the number of hours spent in group work outside the class room, students cannot work during the first year of the program.

    Second-year: During their second year, students are free to choose from a variety of elective courses to fulfill their chosen majors within the MBA program.
    Program Outcomes
    Faith and Professional Accomplishment
    Demonstrate the relevance of personal faith to professional development.

    Leadership in Teams and Organizations
    Enhance, as a leader or a member, the leadership and collaborative ability of individuals in teams and organizations.

    Trends in the Global Economy
    Identify how trends in the global economy influence the strategies of companies.

    Ethical Values
    Translate ethical values into business practice.

    Subject Matter Proficiency
    Demonstrate proficiency in the subject matter of their major. Additionally, students will gain proficiency in all core disciplines of business including corporate finance, financial accounting, marketing, global supply chain/operations, human resource management, leadership, strategy, global management, managerial accounting, and ethics.

    Developing Career and Professional Competencies
    Articulate a personal brand and value proposition and manage their careers using network, interview, and communication (written, verbal, and social media) skills.

    Program Stats
    Characteristics of Students from Past Academic Year
    Total Students 437.0
    International 57.0
    Male 349.0
    Female 88.0
    LDS 427.0
    BYU Undergraduate 135.0
    Three Year Average Test Scores of Admitted Student
    GMAT Composite Score 600.97
    Five Year Average of Graduated Students
    Average Years to Degree 1.89
    Graduated Per Year 18.6
    GMAT Quantitative Percentile 67.5
    Five Year Average of Admitted Students
    Applied Per Year 177.0
    Admitted Per Year 144.0
    Percent Admitted 81.36
    Average GPA 3.34