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Art Education

Application Deadline

  • Fall: Feb 1
  • Contact Information

    E-509 HFAC, Provo, UT 84602-6414
    (801) 422-2064
    Admission Requirements
    Program Requirements

    • A baccalaureate degree in Art Education from an accredited U.S. or Canadian university. Applicants holding other teaching degrees may be considered if art deficiencies or professional education deficiencies are completed to the satisfaction of the Art Education Graduate Admissions Committee prior to admittance in the program. This committee is comprised of Art Education Graduate Faculty.
    • Certification to teach in public schools at the elementary or secondary level OR equivalent professional background related to other educational venues (e.g. museum and community education)
    • Two years of art teaching or equivalent experience
    • A 3.0 or higher GPA during the last two years of undergraduate study

    Application Requirements

    • Artists’ Statement
    • Statement of intent
    • Writing Sample
    • Portfolio of 20 images, or their equivalent

    Deadline Notes

    This program admits every odd year. The next admission will be for Fall 2023.
    Program Requirements
    The MA in art education is a cohort program intended for teachers who desire intensive curriculum development, professional development, and additional content and skills in the disciplines of a comprehensive art program. This program prepares students to pursue a PhD or EdD in art education if that is their intention. In addition to reviewing research literature in art education, this program has a rigorous studio practice component designed to integrate teaching and artistic practice.

    Requirements for Degree.

    • Credit hours (36 hours): minimum 30 course-work hours plus 6 thesis hours. Course work hours primarily from 500- and 600-level courses (no more than 9 hours of 300- or 400-level courses may apply).
    • Course requirements: 15 hours of core art education seminar (ArtEd 678R); 12 hours of ArtEd 578R (3 hours of digital art; 9 hours of studio art); 3 hours of art history courses; 6 thesis hours (ArtEd 699R).
    • Select graduate committee and submit study list no later than second week of second semester.
    • Examinations: comprehensive examination and oral defense of thesis.
    Program Outcomes
    Studio Practice
    Students will further develop their personal artistic practice in relation to current discourses related to contemporary art and their own pedagogy.

    Literature and History of the Field
    Students will demonstrate understanding and knowledge of historical trends in art, design, and education and the ability to access relevant sources of research and commentary within these fields.

    Leadership and Community
    Students will contribute to a strong collaborative community network through leadership and service within a graduate cohort and among various art education professional organizations.

    Professional Activity
    Students will actively participate and contribute to the field as researchers and practitioners.

    Students will conduct reflective research within their own teaching contexts and explore and contribute to significant topics within the field.

    Students will demonstrate the ability to consider complex questions and personal responsibilities associated with art and education in the light of gospel principles and through their experiences as researchers, artists, and teachers.

    Program Stats
    Characteristics of Students from Past Academic Year
    Total Students 16.0
    International 1.0
    Male 2.0
    Female 14.0
    LDS 16.0
    BYU Undergraduate 13.0
    Five Year Average of Graduated Students
    Average Years to Degree 1.89
    Graduated Per Year 18.6
    GMAT Quantitative Percentile 67.5
    Five Year Average of Admitted Students
    Applied Per Year 6.2
    Admitted Per Year 5.0
    Percent Admitted 80.65
    Average GPA 3.32