Plant and Wildlife Sciences
Department of Plant and Wildlife Sciences
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4112 LSB

The Department of Plant and Wildlife Sciences offers graduate training and education in a variety of areas: plant sciences, biotechnology, genetics, environmental science, ecology, soil science, and wildlife and wildlands conservation. Those admitted to this program will have completed BS degrees with strong backgrounds in the basic mathematical, physical, and biological sciences. Students completing requirements in our graduate degree programs will be prepared to accept employment in plant genetics, biotechnology, conservation, ecology, environmental science, wildland and wildlife management, or consulting or to continue graduate education toward a PhD and postgraduate studies.

Four degrees are offered through the Department of Plant and Wildlife Sciences: Environmental Science—MS; Genetics and Biotechnology—MS; Wildlife and Wildlands Conservation—MS; and Wildlife and Wildlands Conservation—PhD.

These graduate programs are supported by faculty members within the department. Their research and teaching interests include wildland ecology, wildlife biology, plant ecology, genetics and biotechnology, plant growth under environmental stress, urban landscape environments, bioremediation of contaminated soils and water, and both modern and ancient agricultural environments. All MS and PhD degrees are earned in thesis-only programs. Students are expected to present their theses in the form of one or more manuscripts ready for submission to refereed journals.

Fax:  (801) 422-0008

Chair:  Brock R. McMillan
Graduate Coordinator:  Bradley Geary