Physiology and Developmental Biology
Department Physiology and Developmental Biology
Department Information: 
4006 LSB

Physiology is the study of the functions of body systems. Developmental Biology is the study of how specific genes govern differentiation of cells, tissues, and organs with unique structures and functions.

Graduate programs within the department offer research training and classroom instruction in a wide range of areas pertaining to these disciplines. A biophysics research group is also part of the department. Areas of research include neuroendocrinology and reproduction, endocrine and immune interactions, pulmonology and maternal-fetal interactions, development of the central nervous system, hereditary of connective tissue disorders, mouse and chick models of development, exercise physiology and glucose metabolism, membrane transport and channel structure, synaptic vesicle recycling, and blood pressure control by the autonomic nervous system.

In addition to working with department faculty, graduate students have the option of performing cross disciplinary research with faculty members across campus.

The Department of Physiology and Developmental Biology offers two graduate degrees: Physiology and Developmental Biology—MS, and, Physiology and Developmental Biology—PhD.

The department has approximately twenty graduate students enrolled each year. Students working toward a master’s degree generally complete all requirements within two years. PhD students generally complete all requirements in four to five years.

Physiology and Developmental Biology Administration:

Fax:  (801) 422-0004

Chair:  Michael R. Stark
Graduate Coordinator:  David Thomson
Program Manager:  Connie L. Provost

Resources & Opportunity: 

Program resources include the laboratories and equipment of department faculty within the Life Science Building. An electron microscope laboratory, with both transmission and scanning microscopes, is also located on campus. A DNA sequencing center is available in the Life Science Building.

Financial Assistance: 

The Department of Physiology and Developmental Biology offers the following forms of financial support: Teaching assistantships, research assistantships, and tuition awards. Specific endowment fund awards are also available.