Department Information: 
4064 JFSB

The Department of Linguistics offers two graduate degrees: Linguistics MA and TESOL MA.  Both MA degrees require an oral defense of a thesis. These programs continue to have a significant influence at Brigham Young University with its rich language resources, and in a world setting where the demand for skilled language professionals is at an all-time premium, especially in the areas of teaching English as a second or foreign language. Students enrolling in these graduate programs receive state-of–the-art instruction in both the theoretical and applied aspects of linguistics.

Chair:  Norman Evans
Graduate Coordinator: TESOL MA: Troy Cox
Graduate Coordinator: Linguistics MA:  Earl Brown

Financial Assistance: 

Financial assistance has been available over the past several years, particularly in the form of partial-tuition scholarships. One of the benefits that comes to both linguistics and TESOL students is the fact that many professors use teaching and research assistants. Also, many of those studying TESOL have the opportunity to become teaching assistants or part-time teachers at the English Language Center, where there are about twenty graduate student teachers.