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Center for Language Studies
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The Programs of Study

The Center for Language Studies offers a college-wide M.A. degree in Second Language Teaching (SLaT). It is anticipated that five to eight students are admitted into the SLaT program each year. Students are admitted to the program with a specific language emphasis, provided that there is a graduate faculty member in the target language who can serve as thesis advisor. It normally takes four semesters for a student to complete the program.

Second Language Teaching (SLaT) -- MA

The SLaT MA program is ideally suited to the needs of individuals who have completed undergraduate degrees in foreign languages and have an interest in teaching their acquired language in an advanced educational setting, such as in a college or university or in a business enterprise. The SLaT MA is not a public school certification program, but the program will be beneficial to currently certified foreign language teachers as part of their continuing professional development or as preparation to pursue a Ph.D. in foreign language education.

Director:  Ray T. Clifford
Graduate Coordinator:  Gregory Thompson
Program Manager: Rebecca Brazzale

Resources & Opportunity: 

Teaching Opportunity: Students in the SLaT program typically have the opportunity to teach one or more classes in their language of emphasis. If such an opportunity is not offered through the student’s language department, students are strongly encouraged to gain teaching experience in another second language teaching setting.

Office of Digital Humanities: Students in the Second Language Teaching program may utilize facilities in the HLR for computer-assisted language instruction and research.

The Foreign Language Student Residence (FLSR): Students who desire a more intensive language study experience and practical application of the language under the direction of faculty and native residents may apply to live in the FLSR. All activities in the individual apartments in the residence are conducted in the foreign language. Housing is available for men and women in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian languages. Graduate students may participate in this program as students or as native speaker resident facilitators.

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Financial Assistance: 

Partial tuition scholarships are available. Applicants may also contact directly the department of their language of emphasis to apply for teaching assistantships.