Civil and Environmental Engineering
Department Information: 
430 EB, Provo, UT 84602-4081
(801) 422-2811

Two degrees are offered through the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering: Civil Engineering MS and Civil Engineering PhD.

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering admits approximately fifty students each year into its programs.

Chair: Norman L. Jones
Graduate Coordinator: Gus P. Williams
Associate Chair: E. James Nelson

Resources & Opportunity: 

For information on resources and opportunities, please visit

Financial Assistance: 

Departmental Scholarships. Master’s or PhD candidates are eligible for scholarships each year. Applications may be obtained in January on the department Web site; the awards are given in mid-May for the next academic year. Selection is based on need and on scholastic merit. These scholarships may be received in addition to any assistantships or privately endowed awards unless the total financial aid package exceeds the scholarship limit stipulated by the university.

Research Assistantships. Faculty may have funds from both off-campus and on-campus sources to support research assistants. These awards support students at the current pay rate for up to 28 hours per week depending on eligibility.

Teaching Assistantships. All graduate students are eligible to be TAs. The assistantships range from 10-20 hours per week and consist of teaching labs and grading courses.