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Information Systems

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Information Systems Management (MISM)

The MISM program is designed for students who want professional careers in information systems. Students seek employment with consulting firms, accounting firms, industrial organizations, and not-for-profit entities performing a variety of services, such as understanding the information needs of an organization, designing, developing, and implementing information systems to meet specified requirements, administering the information systems function, auditing an information system, and formulating an information systems master plan to effectively utilize information technology throughout an organization.

Application Deadlines Fall: Mar 1
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The Information Systems Department administers one graduate program through the BYU Marriott School of Business: the Master of Information Systems Management—MISM.

The master of information systems management program offers a specialization in information systems and the application of information technology in business organizations based on a general background in business and accounting. The MISM degree is awarded at the completion of the professional program, which can begin as early as the senior year of the bachelor of information systems program and culminates in the Marriott School after the fifth year of study. Students who enter the MISM program with a baccalaureate degree in information systems can complete the program in two years or less.

The objective of the MISM program is to develop graduates who exhibit professionalism and are qualified with specialized knowledge in information system areas. The department seeks to educate individuals who are: (1) imbued with a strong sense of professional commitment, (2) qualified with specialized knowledge in the areas of information systems, (3) committed to continued professionalism beyond formal education, and (4) capable of becoming leaders who exhibit high standards of ethical conduct within their chosen profession.

The department admits approximately 60 students per year into its graduate program Information Systems Management - MISM.

Chair:  Bonnie B. Anderson
Graduate Coordinator: Jeff Jenkins

Resources & Opportunity:

The N. Eldon Tanner Building. The Tanner Building, which houses the BYU Marriott School of Business, is one of the finest facilities of its kind. The original building, with a dramatic seven-story atrium, was recently updated with a new four-story addition. The addition boasts thirty-nine team study rooms, six large case rooms, the Blue Line Deli, and adds 76,000 square feet to the existing building.nt org

Technical skills, real-world experience, and a global network—BYU Marriott School of Business students graduate with all three, preparing them to become leaders in an increasingly competitive workforce.

Unique Environment

The BYU Marriott School of Business strives to promote a rigorous academic experience in a spiritually uplifting atmosphere. Students gain the skills and abilities to “become outstanding leaders capable of dealing with change in a competitive global environment” in a setting that embraces the conduct and standards of Jesus Christ’s teachings.

The Marriott School of Business supports Brigham Young University’s mission to “develop students of faith, intellect, and character who have the skills and the desire to continue learning and to serve others throughout their lives.”

In addition to promoting students’ intellectual and spiritual abilities, BYU Marriott places a particular emphasis on the importance of ethical behavior and firmly believes that success in business and in life can and should be achieved with integrity.

Exceptional Opportunities

Classes are not the only places where learning happens. With more than forty BYU Marriott–specific clubs available in addition to the school’s experiential learning initiatives, students are gaining relevant experience to help them prepare for a career.

Student opportunities help add to the traditional educational experience. Professional clubs offer career insights and practical help for getting a job. Field studies and on-campus internships offer real-life involvement in the business world. No matter what their interests are, students can find a way to enrich their education.

Providing career-oriented experiences for our students helps them get placed in some of the world’s top organizations—while doing what they love to do.

Remarkable Network

BYU Marriott students benefit from the support of those who champion the unique mission of the school. This community is made up of dedicated students, alumni, and friends who are working together to become outstanding leaders.

On campus students associate with peers who not only collaborate on class assignments but also assist each other in preparing for and finding internships and career opportunities. Successful alumni and friends of the school visit the Tanner Building each week to share lessons from their careers and help students prepare for challenges in the future. The school’s National Advisory Council and many program-specific advisory boards are also dedicated to supporting student learning and placement.

The Marriott name and legacy of J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott embody the values of this remarkable network of dedicated leaders.


The BYU Marriott School of Business is housed in the N. Eldon Tanner Building, a seven-story, 220,000-square foot, glass and steel building located on the BYU campus in Provo, Utah. The building was expanded in 2008 to accommodate a growing number of students.

In addition to case study rooms, auditoriums, and meeting spaces, the Tanner Building offers students amenities such as the Manhattan-inspired Blue Line Deli, study rooms equipped with technology and natural lighting, and graduate student lounges. Additionally, graduate student parking is available in the nearby parking lots.

Financial Assistance:

The Information Systems Department utilizes the Marriott School’s financial aid provisions. Qualified students can receive aid from the following: the Marriott School Scholarship Fund, private scholarship donations, assistantship awards, and loan assistance.

Scholarships. The BYU Marriott School of Business offers scholarships to BYU Marriott School students through the college, departments and programs. One application online at allows students to apply for all scholarships BYU Marriott offers.

Assistantships. Research and teaching assistantships are available for qualified second-year students.

Loans. Several loans are available for BYU Marriott students:

  • BYU Marriott Loans: available to full-time BYU Marriott day students. BYU Marriott loans are handled on an individual basis, dependent on financial need and standing within the participating program.
  • BYU Short-Term Loans: available for up to the cost of tuition only.
  • Federal Stafford Loans: subsidized by the U.S. government. Not available for international students.

More information on and applications for these loans are available from the BYU Financial Aid Office, A-153 ASB, (801) 422-4104, e-mail: