Supervised Teaching
Supervised private and group instruction.
 Hours2.0 Credit, 0.0 Lecture, 6.0 Lab
 PrerequisitesGraduate music major status.
Course Outcomes: 

Teacher Improvement

Improved private and group teaching in all pedagogical areas studied including: technique, practicing, phrasing and interpretation, rhythm, flawless playing, student-teacher and teacher-parent relationships.

Skill Demonstration

Students will demonstrate the acquisition and application of pedagogical principles andskills related to private teaching at a level appropriate for establishing their own professional private studio, and for teaching group piano classes at the university level.

Supervised Teaching

Students will gain experience in teaching private voice lessons by teaching singing to a male and a female over a semester of 12 lessons.

Students will develop the ability to write measurable course outcomes and develop lesson plans to support those outcomes.

Students will develop approaches to solving common vocal problems and teaching them to their students.

Students will guide their pupils through the development of vocal skills and the preparation of selected songs leading to a performance of at least one of their songs on a public recital at the end of the semester.

Primary Instructor Supervised Teaching

Through the experience of teaching in front of their primary instructor, students will gain further confidence in their teaching abilities. Feedback given by their teacher will greatly enhance their teaching ability.

Primary Instructor Supervision

Students will teach under the supervision of their primary instructor of their instrument, and receive feedback from their instructor for improvement.

Private Teaching Pedagogy

Students will demonstrate the pedagogy necessary for private teaching.

Applied Pedagogy Principles to Teaching

Students will gain an increased understanding as to how to apply pedagogical principles in various areas of private teaching such as technique, interpretation, preparation, and performance.

Improved Teaching

Students will be able to improve their teaching through demonstrated lessons with children in the classroom.

Plan Teach and Evaluate

Plan, teach and evaluate effective organ training courses and private lessons.


Apply concepts introduced in Organ Pedagogy (Music 366, 665) in supervised private and group instruction.


Become self-sufficient as an organ teacher.

Studio Policy

Students will learn how to create effective studio policies to help insure the quality of their work.

Professional Standards

Students will learn to increase their professionalism by setting effective standards, goals, and objectives, learn how to measure their success, build community relations, and work within professional organizations.