Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship
Issues facing social innovators, those that work full-time for them, and those who support them; understanding complex systems of for-profit, nonprofit, and hybrid social ventures; outlining involvement in social innovation as part of a lifetime of meaningful service.
 Hours1.5 Credit, 1.5 Lecture, 0.0 Lab
 TaughtFall Term 1
Course Outcomes: 


Demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of the social innovation and social entrepreneurship environment and ecosystem.

Demonstrate ability to analyze and contribute to organizational and managerial success as assigned by the consulting organization.


Demonstrate appropriate project, organizational, and managerial professionalism through responsible actions, deadline completion, and final project completion.


Demonstrate ethical behavior in team effort and with project provider.


Demonstrate ability to be an effective team member and contribute to overall team success in the creation of the venture model.