Foundations of Public Health and Health Promotion
Global perspectives of public health and health promotion. Essential public health services, public health organizations, and current issues in global health promotion.
 Hours3.0 Credit, 3.0 Lecture, 0.0 Lab
Course Outcomes: 

Develop Competencies

Identify standards related to A Competency-Based Framework for Graduate-Level Health Educators and establish ways to develop these competencies through MPH coursework, volunteer experiences, research projects and the MPH Practicum

Skill Development

Define, conceptualize and distinguish between: public health, health promotion, community health education and global health as they pertain to domestic and international settings and the students' career goals.

Essential Services

Identify the essential public health services and the historical development, structure, and interaction of public health and health care systems.

Health Promotion

Identify how health promotion (and community health education) relates to public health and the essential public health services

Discipline Roles

Determine key roles of the various public health disciplines and gain an understanding of the synergistic and interdependent nature of these disciplines in achieving public health outcomes.

Organizations' Roles

Identify and understand the roles of key public health organizations that constitute the infrastructure of public health in both domestic and international settings

Career Preparation

Develop a personal vision statement for a career in public health

Health Problems

Identify and present emerging or prevalent health problems, their corresponding determinants and promising interventions in all World Health Organization regions

Vision Assessment

Assess the importance of global equity, social justice, cultural diversity, social and economic determinants of health and the ecological model in the student’s vision statement and career.