Family Nurse Practitioner Internship
Internship as a family nurse practitioner.
 Hours1.0 - 8.0 Credit, Arr Lecture, Arr Lab
 TaughtSpring, Summer
Course Outcomes: 

Evidence Based Practice

Translates and integrates advanced evidence based knowledge into practice to ensure quality and safety for a variety of patients

Concepts and Theories from Nursing and Related Disciplines

Demonstrates proficiency in incorporating concepts and theories from nursing and related disciplines

Accountability for Actions

Demonstrates accountablility in personal and professional actions

Effective Communication

Demonstrates effective communication with other members of healthcare team to improve health outcomes across the continuum of care for patients with a variety of illnesses

Leadership in Healthcare

Demonstrates leadership and understanding of dynamics with healthcare team in the clinical settings

Financial Accountability and Quality Patient Care

Demonstrates mastery of knowledge of treatment costs and quality patient care

Patient Education

Utilizes multi-media resources contributing to patient knowledge and encouraging compliance for a variety of patients

Interprofessional Collaboration

Utilizes knowledge of interprofessional roles to coordinate the interdisciplinary team resulting in quality care for a variety of patients

Assessment Knowledge and Skills

Applies advanced knowledge and skills appropriate to the assessment of a variety of patients

Patient Diversity

Demonstrates respect for patient diversity and delivers culturally relevant clinical prevention, interventions, and strategies

Patient Advocacy

Discusses advocacy tools for patients, families, and caregivers

Patient Care

Demonstrates proficiency in all aspects of care with a variety of patients

Independent Nurse Practitioner Practice

Demonstrates independent ability to function as a nurse practitioner student in the clinical setting requiring minimal preceptor supervision.

Documentation and Patient Confidentiality

Accurately documents on the clinical record while maintaining patient confidentiality and privacy

Human Values, Diversity and Spirituality

Demonstrates an understanding of human values, diversity, and spirituality while leading with faith and integrity