Cost Benefit Analysis
Compares and contrasts multiple approaches to cost-benefit analysis, identifying when to apply this set of analytic techniques and examining the analytic and ethical challenges of the cost-benefit approach.
 Hours1.5 Credit, 1.5 Lecture, 0.0 Lab
 RecommendedMPA 612, MPA 630, MPA 631, MPA 632.
Course Outcomes: 

Expanding Base Knowledge

  • Understand and conduct a pairwise comparison process which provides the foundation for assigning meaningful numbers to intangibles such as priorities, preferences, and probabilities.

Processes Skills

  • Develop skills in framing problems using hierarchies and networks.

Effective Communication

  • Articulate the rationale for the chosen decision.


  • Conduct sensitivity analysis that provides extra power and credibility to your decision models.

Ethical Decisions

  • Incorporate moral as well as practical consequences into your decision analyses.