Colloquium in Comparative Studies
Introduction to a variety of critical methods through presentations of work in progress by graduate and visiting faculty. Topics vary.
 Hours3.0 Credit, 3.0 Lecture, 0.0 Lab
 PrerequisitesCMPST 610
Course Outcomes: 

Expand Research Skills - Mentored Presentations

Develop and expand graduate-level research skills of humanistic study by attending mentored graduate research strategies presentations at the Harold B. Lee Library as well as interacting with the students' thesis committee members.

Proficiency in Comparative Literacy

Demonstrate broad interdisciplinary knowledge of human intellectual and artistic creativity through critical study of intellectual history and aesthetics based on semi-weekly readings and lectures offered by faculty members selected from the interdisciplinary humanities, classics, and comparative literature sections. Based on this study, the students will demonstrate their proficiency by giving a formal power point presentation (or other method appropriate to the students' discipline) adapting the faculty members' methodological approach to the students' area of interest. These presentations are to be of a level of scholarship and tone appropriate to an academic conference presentation.

Masters Thesis

Produce original arguments based on sound research methodology culminating in the writing of a masters thesis prospectus in the students' chosen area of emphasis.

Humanistic Study Skills

Demonstrate the skills of humanistic study-- analyze, think critically and express ideas clearly and persuasively in discussions following both faculty and student presentations.