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Counseling Psychology

Application Deadline

  • Fall: Jan 2
  • Contact Information

    340 MCKB
    Admission Requirements
    Required Tests

    Additional Requirements
    1. Bachelor's or master's degree in counseling or psychology or in a closely related field
    2. Personal qualifications will be considered
    Program Requirements
    The PhD in counseling psychology is accredited by the American Psychological Association (Committee on Accreditation), 750 First Street NE, Washington, DC 20002; phone: (202) 336-5979; fax: (202) 336-5978. It is psychological in nature and is based on the scientist-practitioner model of training. The scientist-practitioner model is an integrated approach to training that acknowledges the interdependence of theory, research, and practice.

    The counseling psychology program at BYU emphasizes the educational, developmental, and preventive functions of counseling psychologists. Students are primarily prepared to work as counseling psychologists in counseling centers and in academic departments in university and college settings. Students are also prepared to make remedial interventions. Graduates typically accept positions as counselors or psychologists in college or university counseling centers or as scholars/faculty members in counseling psychology or counselor education programs. Others serve in agencies or private practice as licensed psychologists.

    Requirements for Degree.

    • Credit hours: 111 (not including prerequisite or skill classes).
    • Required courses: consult department program documents.
    • Residence: minimum two consecutive full-time semesters while matriculated in the doctoral program (minimum 6 credit hours each semester) on the BYU Provo campus.
    • Skill requirement: consult department.
    • Pre-doctoral internship (2,000 hours).
    • Dissertation.
    • Examinations: (A) counseling performance evaluations; (B) written comprehensive examination at completion of course work; (C) oral defense of dissertation.

    Program Outcomes
    Students are demonstrating the competencies needed to plan, develop, and disseminate scholarly works.

    Counseling Practice
    Students demonstrate competence in assessment and interventions consistent with their future role as health service psychologists.

    Counseling Ethics
    Students demonstrate competence in identifying and successfully resolving ethical issues in the science and practice of counseling psychology.

    Integration of Spiritual Issues
    Students are able to appropriately integrate spiritual and religious issues into the science and practice of counseling psychology

    Multicultural Competence
    Students demonstrate multicultural competence in the science and practice of counseling psychology.

    Program Stats
    Characteristics of Students from Past Academic Year
    Total Students 38.0
    International 2.0
    Male 18.0
    Female 20.0
    LDS 34.0
    BYU Undergraduate 16.0
    Five Year Average of Graduated Students
    Average Years to Degree 1.89
    Graduated Per Year 18.2
    GMAT Quantitative Percentile 67.5
    Five Year Average of Admitted Students
    Applied Per Year 10.6
    Admitted Per Year 6.8
    Percent Admitted 64.15
    Average GPA 3.72