Exercise Sciences
Application Deadlines
Fall:February 1
Contact Information: 
106 SFH
Program Requirements: 

Requirements for Degree

  • Credit hours: minimum 32-34, with 26-28 being course work hours, plus 6 thesis hours (ExSc 699R)
  • Prerequisites: Graduate with a bachelor's degree in Exercise Sciences or a related field, including the majority of courses listed below or equivalents: Human Anatomy (ExSc 440 and PDBio 220 or equivalent), Essentials in Human Physiology (PDBio 305 or PDBio 362), Exercise Physiology (ExSc 463 and ExSc 464 {Lab}), Kinesiology/Biomechanics (ExSc 362), Lifestyle and Chronic Disease Prevention (ExSc 387), Stress Management (ExSc 410), Worksite Health Promotion (ExSc 455), Obesity and Weight Management (ExSc 480), College Physics (Phscs 105/106/107), College Algebra (Math 110 or higher), College Chemistry (Chem 105/106/107), Statistics (STAT 121).
  • Skill courses (4 hours): Take one of the following STAT 511 or ExSc 630
  • Thesis (6 hours: ExSc 699R)
  • Electives (23 hours minimum): Select a minimum of 23 credit hours from the following: ExSc 501, 625R, 629R, 640, 661, 662, 663, 664, 665, 666, 667, 668669, 671673, 688R, 693R, 766, 769, or other courses as approved by your advisory committee and the graduate coordinator (not including prerequisites or deficiencies).
Admission Requirements: 

Required Tests

GRE (minimum of 300 and 4.0 on the analytic writing portion)

TOEFL/IELTS if English is not first language

Additional Requirements

  1. Letter of intent as outlined on the program MAP which can be found on the Exercise Sciences website under academic programs and centers
  2. Minimum GPA of 3.2 for last 60 semester hours of upper level academic work
  3. Resume
Program Outcomes: 

Advanced Exercise Physiology Understanding

Graduates will demonstrate an understanding of exercise science beyond the undergraduate level.

Critical Analysis and Research

Graduates will demonstrate the ability to critically evaluate scientific literature and apply the scientific method in the exercise sciences by actively engaging in the research process.

Effective Communication

Graduates will develop oral and written skills sufficient to present and publish their research in peer-reviewed venues.

Program Stats

Characteristics of Students from Past Academic Year
Total Students 22
International 2
Female 14
LDS 19
Non-White 3
BYU Undergraduate 16
Three Year Average Test Scores of Admitted Student
GRE Composite Score 312.3
GRE Quantitative Score 155.7
GRE Quantitative Percentile 62.6
GRE Verbal Score 156.5
GRE Verbal Percentile 70.2
GRE Analytical Score 4.3
GRE Analytical Percentile 65.6
Five Year Average of Graduated Students
Average Years to Degree 2.8
Graduated Per Year 11.8
Five Year Average of Admitted Students
Applied Per Year 18.8
Admitted Per Year 11.0
Percent Admitted 58.51
Average GPA 3.65