Department Information: 
265 CTB

The Master of Science in technology degree is designed to develop leaders to respond to the needs of a technology-based society for advanced technical, managerial, and educational personnel. Graduate level leadership and technology application capabilities are developed through rigorous courses and in-depth research and development experiences. The MS in technology provides opportunities for students to engage in applied technical research that adds to the knowledge of relevant practice or solves problems that arise in the workplace.

One degree is offered through the School of Technology: Technology—MS.

Chair:  Barry M. Lunt
Graduate Coordinator:  Clifton B. Farnsworth

Resources & Opportunity: 

Nationally recognized instructional laboratories are available to provide students with the most current concepts, curriculum, software, equipment, and laboratory instructional/ physical organization.

Financial Assistance: 

The School of Technology offers a limited number of scholarships. Application for financial aid is made through the program’s graduate coordinator.